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Cabinet Handle Bar Pulls In Many Sizes
August 12th, 2016

Many new cabinet handle bar pulls added to our new web site.  All sizes on the market today and many finishes to pick from.  Drop around to  .. READ MORE.

Using European Hinges
August 14th, 2012

European hinges can be easy to install and easy to choose the correct hinges / plates when you understand a few key points. We have written an article on Measuring Cabinet Doors for European Hinges that describ.. READ MORE.

Cabinet Door Hinges, Cabinet Door Hidden Hinges and Cabinet Door Concealed Hinges.
February 2nd, 2012

Cabinet Door Hinges, Cabinet Door Hidden Hinges and Cabinet Door Concealed  Hinges.  Many options, sizes and brand names of cabinet door hinges to choose from. .. READ MORE.

I recently redid my kitchen cupboards. They were stained ebony about 15 years ago, I just painted them white and ordered handles from your company. My cupboards are beautiful!!! The handles I got were.....MORE

M Amyot

Stainless Steel Collection

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- Stainless Steel bar pulls have the same finish as our Brushed Steel bar pulls. The reason for Stainless Steel in most cases is it can be used in very harsh conditions that are Not found in most residential kitchens. Has a more durable finish then any other metal. Stainless Steel is Very expensive as compared to our Brushed Steel but still at a great low price when compared to others selling the same product. These are the SS items we have here. 7068-9SS-C,7069-9SS-C,7070-9SS-C,7071-9SS-C,7072-9SS-C,7073-9SS-C. We also have added these from Amerock Stainless Steel Collectiion. BP19001-SS, BP19002-SS, BP19006-SS, BP19007-SS, BP19008-SS, BP19009-SS, BP19010-SS, BP19011-SS, BP26200-SS, BP54008-SS. Enjoy your visit and these SS products.

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BP19006-SS Amerock Stainless Steel 2" Door Pull

Your Price: $7.63


BP19007-SS Amerock 1-3/16" Diameter Knob

Your Price: $10.17


BP19008-SS Amerock 1-1/4" Diameter Cabinet Door Knob

Your Price: $10.17


BP19009-SS Amerock 1-15/16" Long Door Handle

Your Price: $6.50


BP19010-SS Amerock 3" Centers Cabinet Handle

Your Price: $7.02


BP19011-SS Amerock Stainless Steel 3-3/4" Hole Spacing

Your Price: $8.47


BP26200-SS Amerock Stainless Steel Pull

Your Price: $12.36


BP54008-SS Amerock Stainless Steel 12" Appliance Pull

Your Price: $67.61


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